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Sales Motivation Software 2021: Ultimate Guide

Motivated sales reps tend to meet or exceed their targets thereby helping business to reach its revenue targets. Sales Motivation is a culture of the organization and it is a continuous process. Incentives, compensation and rewards are core part of sales motivation. But other techniques have to be employed based on business/organization situation, team dynamics and individual issues. Learn why Sales Motivation is important for business, how Sales Managers can use different tools to motivate their sales teams and how to choose the right tools.

Last updated: Apr 22, 2021

Sales Motivation Software 2021: Ultimate Guide

What is Sales Motivation?

Sales Management is largely a revenue target-driven activity. Motivated sales reps tend to meet or exceed targets. But the trick is to find what motivates sales reps? The compensation structure of the sales team is designed in such a way there is more monetary benefit if one meets or exceeds the target. When we talk about sales team motivation, we discuss methodologies and tools that are beyond the incentive and commission structure.

It is general practice to categorize sales team members based on their performance and skill as Stars, Core, and Laggards. One size does not fit all. Organizations have to employ different techniques to motivate different people. Stars get inspired by challenging targets and the associated comp benefits. Core constitutes the bulk of the organization and very often core teams meet the target, but they have to be nudged to exceed or grab opportunities. Laggards struggle to meet targets because - they could be new to the job, need more training, lack of skill or lack of drive/complacency.

Sales Motivation is not a constant or one-time activity. It needs to be varied based on the organization/business situation, team dynamics, individual issues.

sales reps turn their thoughts and feelings into actions –– and that’s what determines their performance. Motivation, as it turns out, is the #1 key to helping your salespeople reach their goals.


Mary Grothe

CEO, Sales BQ

What are Sales Motivation Software?

Team motivation software improves motivation using gamification techniques like leaderboards, contests, competitions, etc to drive sales performance.

Different types of Sales Software achieve motivation results through different means. Many times, sales motivation is also viewed in conjunction with sales enablement. The following classes of software are broadly related to sales motivation.

Sales Gamification tools

Gamification is a commonly used technique in sales teams to energize, motivate by inducing competitive spirit and winning attitude. Gamification in the sales context involves applying gaming elements like competition, contests, goal setting to sales activities to drive the desired behavior. This helps organizations to boost sales performance, generate more revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

Sales Training/Onboarding/Coaching.

These are sets of software that primarily focus on upskilling/reskilling sales reps to do their job effectively. They can also include context-based, personalized training/coaching software. Very often sales leaders use these to guide sales reps to close deals or unblock them.

Sales Assistants/ Sales Automation tools

Very often sales teams have to spend considerable time in mundane tasks or repetitive tasks that prevent them from doing the most important job - that of engaging with customers. Tools that automate such activities are a big morale booster for sales reps. There are sales assistants that go beyond to generate context-related content, automate meeting setups and act as intelligent assistants. These can provide inspiring ecosystems for sales reps to do their job.

Who uses Sales Motivation Software?

Sales Managers

Sales are all about meeting revenue target numbers. Sales managers use motivation software to have visibility into the progress made by their sales team. They use it to be on top of sales KPIs and metrics, real-time. It helps them answer questions like will quota be hit, if not by how much will it be missed, what changes need to be done to sales strategy, etc and keep the sales team on track. Since they have visibility into the pipeline, they can also use it to forecast sales revenue. Managers can use it to create contests and competitions that can keep the team engaged and motivated.

The key to motivating the majority of reps is not to throw more money at them or change compensation plans every month. This might be necessary for the first few months of a start-up whilst you’re proving the concept and ramping up reps to show the art of the possible. However, it never works in the long-term as it creates a ‘heroin-addict fix’ environment.


David Duncan

VP of Sales, fastest growing POS company in the world

Sales Reps

Motivation software is intended to maximize the productivity and performance of your reps. Sales reps use it to be constant on top of their targets. They get motivated when peers close deals or hit targets. This feedback loop is so powerful that it drives changes in long term behavior. Because of this constant feedback coming in, sales engagement is high.


Some tools can be used by the HR department for employee engagement and motivation.

Which industries use sales motivation software?

These tools can be used across any industry. Evidence suggests most deployment in technology, marketing, education, and the real estate sector to motivate sales reps.

Why Sales Motivation is Important

Team motivation, engagement, and culture

The biggest foundation of motivation is continuous positive feedback. The software does this by making your KPIs visible, leaderboards, badges and positive reinforcement from the team to celebrate your wins. Having friendly contests and competitions give a huge boost to the team to perform better. In fact, competing with oneself to hit quota or beat your previous performance becomes fun. It helps sales reps manage themselves and managers don't need to micromanage anymore. It significantly increases the individual accountability and you have a self-driven sales team. Public recognition, rewards, and accolades go a long way in motivating the team. The victory videos and songs have shown to increase the activity and engagement of the sales reps. Some tools also provide features to congratulate and encourage reps when they close a deal or hit quota. It Improves communication between sales reps and teams.

It helps induce team spirit, camaraderie, and cohesion among sales teams. Most importantly it brings in the fun factor back to work and daily activities. It helps managers highlight the achievements of their employees publically. This, coupled with real rewards, instills a feeling of pride and accomplishment in the workforce. All this creates a healthy work environment and culture where employees motivate each other to do their best and deliver results.

Team performance and productivity

Tracking the progress of the teams is a huge plus when it comes to seeing your performance live. Gamification techniques induce long term desired behaviors through short term habits. Having competitions and dashboards reminds them of their progress week on week. Leaderboards drive them to beat their peers or their last week’s performance to get better. These software stimulate the competitive spirit and winning attitude among sales team members. So many positive loops drive high productivity and superior performance.

Increase in Revenue

Increased motivation leads to more efforts from the sales reps to meet targets. This along with coaching translates to improved performance, increased close rates and ultimately increased revenue.

Individual Personalized Coaching

Having the ability to track team progress enables Sales Managers to provide personalized coaching. It becomes very easy to look at your pipeline and strategize accordingly. Reps can work with their managers 1-1 to figure an action plan moving forward. Scorecards help give a snapshot of employee performance and facilitates coaching.


The software gives visibility into the pipeline of your team. This can help you see what can be expected by the quarter-end. This is not a robust forecast but gives a decent sense of what can be achieved by quarter-end.

Top KPI for team motivation software

  • # of closed deals
  • # of reps/teams who hit quota
  • Increase in revenue

Key Benefits of Sales Motivation Software

  • Motivate the sales team for increased performance on clearly defined goals.
  • Induce team spirit, camaraderie, and cohesion among sales teams.
  • Stimulate a competitive spirit and winning attitude among sales team members.
  • Enhances engagement in sales reps, engaged employees drive more results.
  • Through gamification techniques induce long term desired behaviors through short term habits
  • Tools like Leaderboards make sales and performance data transparent and public that can boost competitive spirit and morale.
  • Create a fun element

How does Sales Motivation Software work?

Sales Gamification software provides a set of tools to implement gamification. Gamification can be achieved in several ways -

Gamification of Sales Activities

Gamification is done at the various sales activities level which the sales rep performs on a daily basis. Goals are set against various activities and these are tracked in real-time. Sales leaders can use this to improve overall productivity. Some tools provide options to personalize goals depending on the individual's performance goals and skill/inclination towards that activity.

Team Competitions

Sales managers can create competitions within the sales teams around any KPI they want to optimize. For example - the rep that hits the highest revenues this month wins a trip to Dubai. There are tools that can facilitate team level competitions where team members can work together using collaboration tools to achieve a common goal. This increases team spirit. Usually different teams are formed within a department and common competition goals are set which all teams work towards. Attractive prizes can boost the spirit.

Contests, Quizzes

Managers can create contests and challenges for day to day situations to make mundane days feel better. For example - having rewards for the highest revenue in a day, highest calls in a week, etc. These can be done both at the individual and team level and can be used effectively as knowledge sharing/gaining tools, fun elements and competitive spirit. Combined with rewards and badges, these can be great motivational tools. Contests can also be held for very specific themes for e.g when there is a lag in sales for a particular product or segment. Contests and challenges appeal to the basic human drive to excel and can be leveraged to increase the contributions by reps towards their KPIs.

Sales Leaderboards

Sales Leaderboards provide a visual mechanism to track individual and team progress. The progress made by sales reps in terms of deals, quota, targets is publicly shown using a leaderboard. Reps use them to check how they are doing against their target, their peers and even their past week performance. Often, the display format and visual data representation help sales teams to track their own progress, where they stand and what action they need to take. Over a period of time through the usage of such tools, team members will be able to convert their short term habits into long term behaviors. Some software allows us to build these leaderboards using certain visual themes and templates.

Badges, Point Scoring and Rewards

Rewards and Recognition are key to motivation techniques and these are essential to recognize the achievements when sales reps hit the target numbers. Badges and Point Scoring are good tools to use as they can act as both for target setting and recognition. Having different levels of badges helps learners to go for the next level of challenge.


This software broadcasts individual wins of sales reps to the organization. Announcing the deal closure with a victory song and videos coupled with a public celebration of the closed deal serves a big boost for the sales rep.

Some tools enable real-time, mobile-friendly tracking.

AI in Sales Motivation Software

According to Gabe Zichermann, Gamification is 75% psychology and 25% technology. Gamification philosophy stands on cognitive psychology and behaviorism and is an “effective approach to increase motivation and engage users’. AI can play a key role in behavior analysis and customize gamification options in designing contests to make it more dynamic.

Leaderboards backed by AI, are used to track sales performance metrics for individual sales, benchmark them against team and top and bottom performers. Various such leader boards can be used to track and gamify - sales rep engagement, activity, lead pipeline and sales pipeline performances.

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Buyer’s Guide - Guide to Choose Right Sales Motivation Software

Point product or Suite

Buyers are recommended to consider peer reviews and expert opinions that are extensively available on Cuspera before making buying decisions. Cuspera’s AI based engine guides you through the requirement process to help you choose the right software.

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Point products in the case of sales motivation mean they specialize to provide only gamification tools like contests, badges, rewards or leaderboards. Hoopla, Ambition are some examples. If you already have an existing CRM software, then you can choose such tools to add gamification capability. There are quite a few CRM that come with built-in gamification - Microsoft Dynamics, Kreato, Agile CRM, It is recommended to choose CRM more for its core capabilities and then buy a gamification platform for specialized gamification features.

Technology Considerations

Motivation software has key components like leaderboards, dashboards and should be backed by powerful analytics. AI-backed analytics make it more dynamic and interactive and provide personalization. Collaboration support provided by the software is important as a number of team members need to come together.

Integration and Data Migration support

Sales gamification software needs to integrate with CRM, hence there should be provision to integrate all popular CRM. Out of the box, integrations would be more beneficial. There are some specialized gamification software that are tailor-made for specific CRM like Salesforce.

Omnichannel Support

Gamification software needs to support multiple devices and should work seamlessly across PC, mobile, web.

Enterprise Readiness

Enterprise users need to look at factors like scale and performance with its ability to support no of users and the number of metrics and data volume that it can handle.

Challenges in Adopting Sales Motivation Software

Sales Manager Mindset

Motivation is a personal and personality-driven technique. Sales Managers tend to do this based on the personal connection with their team members which largely is driven by perception. Adopting a data-driven approach given by motivation tools needs a big shift and there could be adoption challenges by sales leaders.

Using technology for technology's sake

The adoption of technology should not be driven for the sake of using technology. While choosing the tools, proper evaluation needs to be done to check what benefits it offers, how easy it is to use/learn, how it can be adapted to existing company processes and how well it can integrate with current tools. If a tool is chosen just because it has AI or ML-driven without offering end-user benefits, then it is bound to fail in adoption.

Implementation and TTV

Sales Management is a very vital and dynamic process within an organization. So any tool implementation and rollout can not afford to disrupt the existing functioning of the organization like downtime of existing tools. Sales team members can often go through a churn in terms of attrition, new hires, growth-related expansion, etc. So the tools should deliver value quickly and also adapt to the dynamic structure of the organization.

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