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Cuspera Privacy Policy

Cuspera recognises that your privacy and information is very important and we take it very seriously. This document (Cuspera Privacy Policy) describes, what information we collect about you, how we use it, and our limitations and liabilities. This policy applies to Cuspera, its subsidiaries and affiliates and is collectively represented as “Cuspera”, “Us” or “We” in this document.

Alpha / Beta Limitations

Cuspera is currently in active alpha and limited Beta testing. Though we give complete assurance that your data is safe and secure with us, we keep the right to either delete all your data and have no liability to retain or store your data for you.

Collection and usage of your information

  • From Business User

    We collect information regarding you, that helps us find the best solution for your business needs. We collect these information either directly from you or via public information in other sites such as
    We also use certain API to enrich your experience with video and other rich content on our platform. We would like to call out that by accepting our privacy policy you are also implicitly accepting the privacy policy of YouTube Google's Privacy Policy

    The information we collect from Business user
    1. Your business needs and goals: This is details about businesses process you want to improve, your goals etc which help us find solutions that have track record to solve your needs. We ask you to explicitly give us your business need.
    2. Your business context: This is your company details such as industry vertical, your role in your company, size of your company, your business location, etc, which we gather from public information from other sites and explicitly give you control to change/edit this information.
    3. Information about your existing solutions: This help us find solutions that either work complementary or needs to integrate with your existing solutions. Again, we ask you explicitly for this information or show you any assumptions we make here.
    4. Your technical, operational and financial requirements: This help us find solutions that match your specifications, which could be technical such as platform/cloud, operational such as support needs or financial such as pricing, vendor qualifications, etc. This information we shall ask you to input or explicitly get your consent before using.
    5. We also use certain API to enrich your experience with video and other rich content on our platform. We would like to call out that by accepting our privacy policy you are also implicitly accepting the privacy policy of YouTube Google's Privacy Policy

    The above 4 is called a session for you and we let you see your inputs, delete it or explicitly change using our dashboard (link).

    What do we use your data for and our promise:
    1. We use the data primarily to improve your results we find for you. Your data belongs to you and we will not associate your data with your identity. We will never share your data with anyone, including our affiliate, subsidiary or partners without explicit approval or request from you. For example, we would share your business requirement with solution provider, if you request us to connect them so that they can get you a quote, etc.
    2. We reserve the right to use your data anonymously in our models to improve the results to other business users such as yours self without identifying you. Again here, we might based on your explicit request connect you with other business users to get feedback on solutions or to share best practices.
    3. We shall never ever, sell your data or contact information with anyone.
    4. We reserve the right to use your data to target relevant advertisements to you on our platform, but we shall not do outbound intrusive marketing as we value your privacy.
    5. We also reserve the right to not let you access certain sections of our website/platform which uses extensive computations or has has liabilities to us or costs to us without you identifying your self and/or also requesting you to pay for the same.

    In case, you have concerns regarding your data please email to and we shall reply to your query within two business days.

  • From Solution providers (ISVs)

    ISVs are important to us, as we want to engage with ISVs to get most relevant and up to date information regarding their solutions to ensure that the business users find the right solution.

    The information we collect and use from ISVs
    1. We shall ask you explicit public information regarding your solutions, the business process it impacts and features you provide. We also crawl and scourge the Web for reviews and blogs and use that information to build models to infer the capabilities of your solution. We reserve the right to decide which information to show on our Website based on feedback from business users either explicitly (feedback) or implicity (action on our platform).
    2. We want to ensure we show the latest and truest information regarding your solution, we shall assume no liability for completeness or correctness. We shall clearly call out our source of information regarding you where ever applicable on the platform.
    3. We also reserve the right to decide whether your solution is the right for the need of the business user. We shall never bias our recommendation to the business user towards any solution provider based on any monetary considerations or any other relationships.
    4. Your data related to business users are private and secure and will never be shared with other solution providers. But, we shall use your data to build models and also give anonymous reports on business needs/trends without explicitly identifying either you or your user.


You can actively reach out to to update the information on the platform regarding you or dispute any data on the platform. We shall respond within two business days.

Last Updated: Jan 2, 2020