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We ask this to determine your peer group. That, in turn, will help us recommend software that has been successfully deployed in a similar situation.


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More the detailed requirements you provide us, better is our recommendation. Provide us with your business goals, needs and other requirements such as IT for us to match a right-fit software for your need.


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Our AI engine recommends software to consider based on right-fit, expert recommendations, and peer experiences to minimize your TTV and risk.
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Why Cuspera?

We celebrate differences!

Every Business has unique needs.
Every Software has some unique capabilities.

We do not bin software into categories as it obscures the USP of different solutions.

Instead, our AI engine matches your unique business requirements to fine-grained capabilities of different software solutions, leading to a right-fit selection.

Hyper personalised recommendations, Hyper specialised software.


38% Enterprise ready

47 Million+

Across 1000+ sources

1.5 Million+
Peers & Experts

Across 40+ industries,
85+ geographies

Our technology

360o data view - NLP engine

Our patented NLP engine crunches vast amounts of unstructured data from a large diverse set of public information sources such as blogs, reports, reviews, patents, and vendor related data to profile technology solutions, their use cases and their deployments.

AI Matching algorithm

Our patented ML algorithm continuously learns and recommends right-fit solution for business requirements based on intelligence gathered from Web sources and our own search data.

Our Network

Line of Business managers benefit from peer perspectives, experiences and expert recommendations. LoBs can raise inquiries while preserving their privacy, requesting specific information from the Vendors who partner with us.