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Discover the right software that has proven track record for your specific marketing or sales needs.

How it works?

You can start by describing your business needs using keywords, prioritize them based on peer and expert insights and take away a personalized software recommendation report in just a few minutes

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Start with Top of Mind Priority

  1. "CRM", "Email Engagement", "Lead Conversion", etc.
  2. Or the name of the software you are considering.
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Fine tune requirements in a few clicks

  1. Prioritize your requirements based on insights from peers and experts with similar needs.
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Get a personalized AI generated report

  1. Receive a personalized software recommendation report along with peer and expert insights.

Why Cuspera?

Our AI is trained on insights from peers and experts to guide you to the right software

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17000+ Software

Largest knowledgebase on MarTech & SalesTech.
38% enterprise-ready.

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100 Million+ Insights

40 Million+ reviews & blogs,
1 Million+ vendor customer stories,
4 Million+ business manager searches.

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Patented AI Technology

Matches the right software to your business priorities. Recommends best practises from peer and expert experiences.

Read popular software buyers’ guide curated from peer and expert experiences

These guides help you understand how peers and expert went about buying software for their specific needs. You can read their insights, their recommendations and step-by-step buying instructions.

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