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Terms of Services

Cuspera is currently in closed alpha and beta testing. Though we give complete assurance that your data is safe and secure with us, we reserve the right to either delete all your data and have no liability to retain or store your data for you.

By continuing to use our site, you are accepting our terms of use.

Liability Limitations

We strive to build prediction models based on public information to help you identify solutions to your business problems. However, we will not be responsible for lost profits, revenues, or data, financial losses or indirect, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages resulting from the usage of our services.

To the extent permitted by law, the total liability of Cuspera and its vendors, for any claims under these terms, including for any implied warranties, is limited to the amount you paid us to use the Services.

Cuspera is also not liable for the any losses incurred by you via your usage of vendors recommended on our platform. Your relationship with the vendors will be completely governed by the vendors terms of use and policies.

As far as possible, Cuspera vets all sources of information and shows you reference to each information we have used in our models. It is for you to verify the authenticity of the information in the sources.

If you are using Cuspera as part of a business entity, then that business is also deemed to have accepted this terms of use. The said business will indemnify Cuspera, its affiliates, partners, vendors, officers, agents, and employees from any claim, suit or action arising from or related to the use of the Services or violation of these terms, including any liability or expense arising from claims, losses, damages, suits, judgments, litigation costs and attorneys’ fees.

Cuspera uses APIs from several providers for their data to help us extract the information being shown to you here. We would like to call out here that by using our portal you are also implicitly agreeing to terms of condition of YouTube Terms of use .

Modification and Termination of our Services

We are currently in Beta and are constantly changing and improving our Services. We may add or remove functionalities or features, and we may suspend or stop a Service altogether.

You can stop using our Services at any time, although we’ll be sorry to see you go. We may also stop providing Services to you, or add or create new limits to our Services at any time.

We believe that you own your data and preserving your access to such data is important. If we discontinue a Service, where reasonably possible, we will give you reasonable advance notice and a chance to get your information out of our service.


You should first reach us on if you have a dispute with our services or its terms. We promise to respond within 2 business days.

Last Updated: Jan 2, 2020