Adroll Overview

AdRoll's AI-driven platform offers sophisticated audience targeting and cross-channel engagement. Customers can enhance brand loyalty and conversion rates using advanced measurement and attribution.

Use Cases

Customers recommend Advertisement, Engagement Management, Campaign Management, as the business use cases that they have been most satisfied with while using Adroll.

Other use cases:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Ad Retargeting
  • Social Media Management
  • Generation Of New Leads
  • Helpdesk Management
  • Communication Management
  • Segmentation And Targeting
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Business Priorities

Acquire Customers and Build Brand Awareness are the most popular business priorities that customers and associates have achieved using Adroll.

Other priorities:

  • Improve ROI
  • Increase Sales & Revenue
  • Enhance Customer Relationships
  • Improve Brand Engagement
  • Enter New Markets Internationally Or Locally
  • Increase Customer Life Time Value
  • Scale Best Practices
  • Grow Market Share
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Improve Digital And Social Presence
  • Launch New Products
  • Increase Average Basket Value
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Adroll Use-Cases and Business Priorities: Customer Satisfaction Data

Adroll works with different mediums / channels such as Social Media, Website, and Facebook,

Adroll's features include Personalization, SEM, Dashboard, etc.


"...AdRoll Prospecting found us new, highly engaged site visitors to connect with, and share our vision...." Peer review by Ben Francis, Founder Chief Brand Officer, Gymshark

Adroll, Skai, Criteo Dynamic Retargeting, MediaMath platform, Amobee, etc., all belong to a category of solutions that help Cross Channel Advertising. Each of them excels in different abilities. Therefore, determining the best platform for your business will depend on your specific needs and requirements.

Popular Business Setting

for Adroll

Top Industries

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Computer Software
  • Information Technology and Services

Popular in

  • Small Business
  • Mid Market
  • Enterprise

Adroll is popular in Marketing And Advertising, Computer Software, and Information Technology And Services and is widely used by Small Business, Mid Market, and Enterprise.

Comprehensive Insights on Adroll Use Cases

Why is Adroll the best choice for Advertisement?

AdRoll provides a platform for creating and managing display and social media advertising campaigns. It offers features for retargeting website visitors, measuring campaign performance, and generating personalized reports. A limitation of AdRoll is the lack of control over where ads are displayed and their appearance.
"...With this software, new buyers have been attracted more intelligently with an online sales impulse that has detected that the work done through AdRoll has worked correctly, which has been better oriented and adapted to customers to guide them to our page the campaigns are different and unique to make with videos, advertisements, social announcements, email through well-known channels by customers that is also helps to make it more reliable...." Peer review by James P, Senior Sales Marketing

How can Adroll optimize your Engagement Management Workflow?

Adroll Engagement Management enables ongoing customer interactions through targeted marketing messages, fostering engagement with both existing and potential customers. The platform delivers engaging ad experiences by incorporating personalized elements such as calls-to-action, product feeds, and best-selling items. However, limited targeting options may restrict the ability to precisely target specific user behaviors.
"...CRM audience targeting uses a brand s existing customer email lists to re-engage customers. ..." AdRoll Launches New Brand Awareness Solution for Ambitious D2C Brands

How can Adroll enhance your Campaign Management process?

What Are the key features of Adroll for Digital Marketing?

How does Adroll address your Ad Retargeting Challenges?

58+ more Business Use Cases

10 buyers and buying teams have used Cuspera to assess how well Adroll solved their Cross Channel Advertising needs. Cuspera uses 3402 insights from these buyers along with peer reviews, customer case studies, testimonials, expert blogs and vendor provided installation data to help you assess the fit for your specific Cross Channel Advertising needs.


The AdRoll Platform Demo (2023)

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

for Adroll

What is Adroll?

Adroll is an Advertiser Campaign Management Software. AdRoll’s Growth Marketing Platform specializes in retargeting which aims to convert window shoppers into buyers of your product or service in your site.

Adroll features include cross-channel attribution that gives a unified view of the touchpoints influencing customer behaviour and can scale what drives growth. Its advanced audience targeting works together with proprietary AI to create brand awareness and drive high-quality new site traffic. It helps to inspire action across ads, email, and online stores.

AdRoll integrates easily with everything else—including leading e-commerce platforms, email and marketing automation, popular reporting tools and more. AdRoll’s Growth Marketing Platform centralizes essential marketing and advertising activities, all in one place, serving as mission control for the entire customer journey.

What is Adroll used for?

Adroll is a Cross Channel Advertising Software mainly used by its customers to Acquire Customers and Build Brand Awareness by Advertisement, Engagement Management and Campaign Management .

What are the top features of Adroll?

Personalization, SEM and Dashboard are some of the top features of Adroll.

Who uses Adroll?

Adroll is used by Marketing And Advertising, Computer Software and Information Technology And Services among other industries.

What are Adroll alternatives?

Skai, Criteo Dynamic Retargeting, MediaMath Platform and Amobee are popular alternatives for Adroll.

Where is Adroll located?

Adroll is headquartered at 2300 Harrison Street, Second Floor, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States.

Peers used Adroll for advertisement and engagement management

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