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Tag Management Software 2021: Buyer’s Guide

Learn what is Tag Management and how to choose the right Tag Management software

Last updated: Feb 20, 2021

What is a Tag?

In the digital marketing world, a tag is a piece of code that is normally embedded in websites to measure and collect information for digital analytics. A digital tag also referred to as a pixel, is usually a piece of Javascript code. Most digital marketing vendors require their users to integrate into their web and mobile sites to perform a task such as advertising, live chat, and product recommendations. In addition to supporting digital marketing efforts, these digital tags collect unique visitor behavior information. Such digital tags should not be confused with search engine meta tags or blog tags.

What is Tag Management Software?

Increasingly, Tag Management Software is considered as a foundational platform for digital marketing. A tag management software makes it simple for users to implement, manage, and maintain tags on their digital properties with an easy to use web interface.

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