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Location Based Marketing Software 2021: Buyer’s Guide

Learn what is Location Based Marketing and how to choose the right software

Last updated: Feb 23, 2021

Location Based Marketing Software 2021: Buyer’s Guide

What is Location Based Marketing Software?

Location-based marketing, also called geolocation marketing, is a form of mobile personalization. It is the use of real-time data to engage with users based on their real-time location. Location-based marketing is using data on mobile device users’ current or past locations to display relevant content to them. Other names for location-based marketing are location marketing, geo-targeting marketing, geolocation marketing, proximity-based marketing, and hyperlocal marketing.

There are three categories of location-based marketing: geo-targeting, geo-fencing, and beacons. All three target customers at varying levels of distance and can be used to trigger automated messages, such as push notifications.

52 Location Based Marketing Software