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(1324 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)
(1324 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)

Loyalty Program & Marketing Automation to create and retain loyal customers

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About Goody platform

Goody platform is an online loyalty program and CRM solution for POS and eCommerce systems with which SMBs and large enterprises use to create customized loyalty programs, communicate with customers and track business performance. With Goody, customers can accumulate points on purchases and then redeem the points for rewards.

Goody will help to gather customer feedback, recognize loopholes and identify your strengths in no time. Goody’s social campaigns aim to improve the online business profile and encourage customers to return again. Further to social promotion, Goody enables users to engage with customers through customized email marketing campaigns. Goody provides users with the tools to create and send emails based on collected data, thereby avoiding sending one generic email to all customers.

With Goody, business users can learn about their customer base and how they engage with the loyalty program as well as determine why customers return to their business. As a result, Goody provides users with actionable information to help customize ongoing business and marketing plans. The Goody mobile app ensures user profiles are easily accessible and searchable to customers.

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Peer and Expert Opinions
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Increase sales & revenue and Enhance customer relationships are the most popular goals peers achieved using Goody platform .

Other goals:

  • Improve consistency
  • Increase customer life time value
  • Improve digital and social presence
  • Acquire customers
  • Enter new markets internationally or locally
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It is the best suited for promotions, offline, point of sale, channels.

Other channels:

  • e-mail
  • social media
  • mobile
  • coupons
  • website
  • Facebook page
  • Facebook
  • games
  • mobile app
  • phone calls
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Peers recommend loyalty management, customer feedback management, campaign management, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using Goody platform .

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Loyalty management

Customer feedback management With Promotions

Measuring net promoter score With Promotions

Campaign management With Offline and Point of sale

Campaign analytics

Engagement management With Promotions and Social media

Engaging and following up With Promotions and Social media

Social media management

Social media analytics

Communication management With E mail and Promotions

Sending & publishing communications With E mail and Promotions

Helpdesk management

Rating and review management With Offline and Point of sale

Sales incentive management

Customer case management With E mail

Sales document management With Offline and Point of sale and Promotions and Coupons

Digital signature With Offline and Point of sale and Promotions and Coupons

Products & pricelist management

Contact list management With E mail

Lifetime value management

Playbook creation

Training & onboarding

Upselling With Promotions and Coupons

Digital marketing

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Popular Business Setting
for Goody platform

Top Industries

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Food & Beverages

Popular in

  • Small Business
  • Mid Market
  • Enterprise

Peers used Goody platform to Increase sales & revenue and Enhance customer relationships

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Company Name Goody
Company Website
HQ Location 31A boston road, Auckland, Auckland 2014, NZ
Employees 11-50
Financials Private