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Consumer intelligence platform that helps build strong relationships between people and brands, agencies

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About Resonate

Resonate is a Marketing Data Intelligence Software. Resonate provides a real-time consumer intelligence platform to companies that use it, to analyze web events and other data to better connect with audiences.

The company's intelligence-to-activation platform integrates first party customer data to yield even more personalized intelligence, enabling marketers to build data driven consumer profiles based on consumers' motivations, values, media habits and online behaviors to promote online advertising campaigns and collect consumer insights before, during and after execution.

Resonate gives the power to make the deepest possible connections with the audience. Resonate's unique Intelligence-to-Activation platform has helped hundreds of organizations work by enabling them to more fully understand, segment and activate audiences based on the underlying attributes that drive why they decide to take — or not take — certain actions.

is used by peers for


engagement management, engaging and following up, advertisement


mobile, mobile, omnichannel


Analytics, Custom Reports, 24/7 Support


Enhance customer relationships, Increase customer life time value, Increase sales & revenue


Publishing, Marketing and Advertising

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  • Publishing
  • Marketing and Advertising

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  • Small Business

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Enhance customer relationships, Increase customer life time value, Increase sales & revenue, are the most popular goals peers achieved using Resonate .


It is the best suited for mobile, mobile, omnichannel, channels.


Resonate does well for a wide range of processes. Peers recommend engagement management, engaging and following up, advertisement, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using Resonate .

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Peers used Resonate to Enhance customer relationships and Increase customer life time value

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Vendor Profile Details

Company Name Resonate
Company Website
Year Founded 2009
HQ Location 11720 Plaza America Drive, 3rd Floor Reston, VA 20190
Employees 101-250
Financials Series C