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(4285 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions) - Machine Intelligence Platform

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About CB Insights

CB Insights is a market intelligence platform. Its insights platform provides companies with comprehensive data, expert insights, and work management tools that enable them to discover and understand the technologies that will help them drive growth and improve operations.

CB Insights fuses machine learning, algorithms, data and visualizations to help large enterprises ask, answer and articulate compelling answers to difficult questions about growth, about competition and the markets and technologies of the future. Its machine learning technology mines vast numbers of unstructured documents such as patents, earnings calls, news articles, company websites, regulatory filings, social media and more to derive insights into the future of the global economy.

CB Insights features include a syndicate dashboard, market mosaic, predict emerging trends, identify and respond to disruption, reveal competitor strategy, stalk the smart money, and more.

Peer and Expert Opinions
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Grow market share and Acquire customers are the most popular goals peers achieved using CB Insights .

Other goals:

  • Enhance customer relationships
  • Enter new markets internationally or locally
  • Improve visibility
  • Launch new products
  • Increase sales & revenue
  • Improve consistency
  • Improve digital and social presence
  • Manage risk
  • Scale best practices
  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase customer life time value
  • Establish thought leadership
  • Improve stakeholder relations
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It is the best suited for user generated content, blogs, phone calls, channels.

Other channels:

  • social media
  • offline
  • e-mail
  • review sites
  • Amazon
  • website
  • mobile
  • point of sale
  • Facebook page
  • causes and charity
  • chat
  • Facebook
  • mobile app
  • print media
  • magazine
  • video
  • events
  • trade shows
  • newsletter
  • LinkedIn
  • games
  • eBay
  • mass media
  • television
  • newspaper
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Peers recommend lead qualification, communication management, engagement management, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using CB Insights .

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Lead qualification

Lead qualification: technographic

Communication management

Sending & publishing communications

Engagement management With Social media

Engaging and following up With Social media

Generation of new leads

Social media management With Offline and Point of sale

Social media analytics With Offline and Point of sale

Influencer marketing


Lead analytics

Market research With User generated content and Blogs

Competitive intelligence With Phone calls

Deal management With E mail

Sales document management

Proposal & quote management With Social media

Lead tracking

Business development With User generated content and Blogs

Products & pricelist management With Mobile and Mobile app and Review sites and Amazon

Knowledge management

Training & onboarding With E mail


Product marketing


Lead engagement

International marketing With Social media and Linkedin

Lead nurturing

Community building

Sales call management With Phone calls

Viral marketing

Content management With Offline and Events and Trade shows

Loyalty management

Account management


Direct marketing

Funnel analysis

Sales review & feedback

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Popular Business Setting
for CB Insights

Top Industries

  • Financial Services
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Hospital & Health Care

Popular in

  • Small Business
  • Mid Market
  • Large Enterprise

Peers used CB Insights to Grow market share and Acquire customers

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Employees 11-50
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