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BuzzBoard - Accelerate sales by knowing your customers, their Market, and their Competitors

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About BuzzBoard

BuzzBoard is a Complete Intelligence Engine for B2SMB Businesses to enhance customer engagement, increase sales and increase revenue.

BuzzBoard helps in building pipeline, turning a lead into a conversation with actionable insights. It helps in cross selling and up selling meaningfully, using recommendation engine which helps team by instantly surfacing all the services your existing accounts need. It helps in analyzing and prioritizing leads based on the match between the prospect’s needs and your products or services.

BuzzBoard offers SMB that has hundreds of data signals which can be used in combination of algorithms to build an ideal customer profile, it provides AI-driven reports of SMB’s business (their tech stack, resources, competition, hiring plans, market opportunities, etc.) which helps sales advisors to easily identify the right solution for the right customer at the right time. SMBAdvisor integrates with real-time: Chrome browser, CRM, voice devices and desktop. Using SMB streams API you can connect with 30+ million SMBs globally.

is used by peers for


engagement management, generation of new leads, competitive intelligence


website, website, phone calls


24/7 Support, Data Import, Custom Reports


Acquire customers, Increase sales & revenue, Improve digital and social presence


Marketing and Advertising, Media Production, Information Technology and Services

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Top Industries

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Media Production
  • Information Technology and Services

Popular in

  • Mid Market
  • Enterprise
  • Small Business

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Acquire customers, Increase sales & revenue, Improve digital and social presence, are the most popular goals peers achieved using BuzzBoard.


It is the best suited for website, website, phone calls, channels.


BuzzBoard does well for a wide range of processes. Peers recommend engagement management, generation of new leads, competitive intelligence, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using BuzzBoard.

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Peers used BuzzBoard to Acquire customers and Increase sales & revenue

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Company Name BuzzBoard
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HQ Location 123 Mission Street, Suite 1612, San Francisco, CA 94105, US
Employees 101-250
Financials Private