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Social CRM Software 2021: Buyer’s Guide

Learn what is Social CRM and how to choose the right Social CRM software

Last updated: Feb 16, 2021

Social CRM Software 2021: Buyer’s Guide

What is Social CRM Software?

Social CRM integrates social media channels into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Social CRM is also referred to as Social Relationship Management. Social CRM provides insight into customer interactions with a brand, and helps to improve the quality of customer engagement on social media platforms and targets prospective customers on social media platforms.

The use cases and benefits of Social CRM are very different from traditional CRM, though Social CRM’s primary focus is to improve customer engagement. Traditional CRM focuses on customer contact data and customer interaction information. Social CRM is about customer conversations and relationships and managing those conversations and relationships. These conversations are not just two ways but can be multi-way between consumers and across consumer groups. This kind of involvement also involves Social Listening.

In a way, Social CRM can be viewed as a CRM that manages customer interactions through a specialized channel - social media platforms. Social CRM also helps to engage with potential customers and provides the ability to do customer service through the customer’s preferred social channels and enables customers to share their experiences online.