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(150 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)
(150 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)

KnowledgeHound- Search and data visualization for your research

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About KnowledgeHound

KnowledgeHound is a Knowledge Management Platform that helps to dive deeper into the data revealing connections and insights that the company needs to make important decisions. It helps to grow market share.

It helps to unlock the enormous potential trapped inside every organization’s customer data and create a more agile, customer-driven organization through smart data discovery and visual analytics. The more research studies added to KnowledgeHound provides more powerful data.

Some of its features include transform data into decisions, smarter decisions made faster, socialize the insights with fully interactive dashboards, same data providing new insights and more.

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Grow market share and are the most popular goals peers achieved using KnowledgeHound .


It is the best suited for social media, channels.


Peers recommend funnel analysis, customer feedback management, market research, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using KnowledgeHound .

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Funnel analysis

"...KnowledgeHound is a data discovery and visual analytics platform designed to help you create a more agile, customer-driven organization...."
Peer review

Customer feedback management

"...KnowledgeHound is a search driven analytics platform that enables anyone to find answers and tell stories with their customer survey data...."
Peer review

Market research

"...Their team of consumer insights experts, data scientists, and programming geniuses are transforming the way companies interact with their market research data, so that you can spend less time searching for the insights you need and more time growing your business. ...."
Peer review

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Company Name Vyzion
HQ Location 224 N Desplaines St., Suite 350, Chicago, IL 60661, US
Employees 1-10
Financials Series A