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AB Tasty vs Acoustic Experience Analytics: 2024 Ultimate Comparison Guide

Comparison Summary

This comparison report of AB Tasty vs. Acoustic Experience Analytics is based on a specific set of business needs and context. The comparison uses 1886 Cuspera insights based on peer reviews, case studies, testimonials, and expert opinions across 50+ sources.

Introducing AB Tasty and Acoustic Experience Analytics

AB Tasty, Acoustic Experience Analytics, Dynamic Yield, Acoustic Insights, etc., belong to a category of solutions that help Conversion Rate Optimization. Different products excel in different areas, so the best platform for your business will depend on your specific needs and requirements.

AB Tasty covers Engagement Management with Website, Helpdesk Management with Phone Calls, Training & Onboarding, Customer Feedback Management with Promotions, etc.

Acoustic Experience Analytics focuses on Engagement Management with Website, Competitive Intelligence, Rating And Review Management with Mobile, Social Media Management with Website, etc.

"AB Tasty is currently the best tool given our maturity level in AB testing. The support is very efficient and we can influence the tool roadmap thanks to our needs. " - Sylvain Duthilleul

"Acoustic does not just help you implement: they serve as trusted advisors that help you meet your business goals. We greatly value our partnership with Acoustic — particularly the opportunities to connect with our industry peers via Experience Analy...tics user groups, which have given us some exciting new ideas about how to use the solution. " - Gabriela Mercer

Unsure which of these solutions is right for you? Our Cuspera AI engine can compare them based on your needs and specific to your industry and context. Get your personalized report today.

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Focus area

AB Tasty is better than Acoustic Experience Analytics for

Software Failure Risk

  • low

logo Acoustic Experience Analytics

Focus area

Software Failure Risk

  • medium


All-in-one CRO Solution - Personalization & A/B Testing - AB TASTY

Make customer experience your competitive advantage



Business Need

Total Processes
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Total Goals
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Top Processes

Evidences indicate better relative satisfaction

engagement management

engaging and following up

helpdesk management

social media management

social media analytics

scheduling post to social media

engaging on social media

training & onboarding

customer feedback management

measuring net promoter score

products & pricelist management

loyalty management

create engagement based loyalty

customise loyalty program

segmentation and targeting

communication management

sending & publishing communications

generation of new leads

content management

sales document management

proposal & quote management

personalized marketing

knowledge management

creating knowledge base

sales call management

campaign management

rating and review management

contact list management

competitive intelligence

Top Goals

Goals Achieved

  • Increase sales & revenue

  • Acquire customers

  • Increase average basket value

  • Improve ROI

  • Enhance customer relationships

  • Scale best practices

  • Improve efficiency

  • Improve digital and social presence

  • Enter new markets internationally or locally

  • Launch new products

  • Grow market share

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  • Enhance customer relationships

  • Acquire customers

  • Improve ROI

  • Increase sales & revenue

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Top Channels

Channels Used

Failure Risk Guidance Security Report?

Low Medium High
Low Medium High

Compliance Risk





Security & Privacy Risk





Integration Risk





Migration Risk





Business Setting