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Beckon, The Source of Truth for Marketing™ is a data management, reporting and analytics platform, built specifically for Marketing. It can be used by Marketing Leaders, Campaign managers, Marketing Analysts across industries such as Consumer Electronics, Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Travel and more.

Beckon Connect feature pulls in and synchronizes all the data from all the sources, Beckon Data is a data management tool enabling normalization of data from the various sources for enabling insights and analysis, Beckon Analytics provides automated real-time analytics based on marketing best-practices.

Beckon Answers is a tool for collecting business critical questions that can range from complex business questions to performance by products, or market segments or brands. The answers will be in the forms of tables or charts or graphs that can be sliced or drilled down for details. Beckon Dashboard communicates what’s working, in the form of reports that can be secured with permissions and access controls. Beckon Scorecard provides the big picture view and Beckon Calendar provides the campaign schedule.

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Scale best practices and Improve ROI are the most popular goals peers achieved using beckon .

Other goals:

  • Enhance customer relationships
  • Improve efficiency
  • Grow market share
  • Launch new products
  • Improve internal communications
  • Increase sales & revenue
  • Enter new markets internationally or locally
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It is the best suited for e-mail, social media, video, channels.

Other channels:

  • mobile
  • omnichannel
  • offline
  • promotions
  • point of sale
  • coupons
  • Twitter
  • phone calls
  • on premises
  • movies
  • website
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Peers recommend social media management, channel marketing, advertisement, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using beckon .

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Social media management With E mail and Video and Social media and Mobile

Social media analytics With E mail and Video and Social media and Mobile

Channel marketing With Omnichannel and E mail and Video and Social media and Mobile

Advertisement With E mail and Video and Social media and Mobile

Campaign management

Campaign analytics

Collaboration With E mail

Communication management With Promotions

Sending & publishing communications With Promotions

Competitive intelligence With Social media and Twitter

Funnel analysis With Offline and Point of sale

Performance management

Engagement management

Engaging and following up

International marketing

Lead analytics

Marketing mix

Channel management

Workflow management

Media buying

Segmentation and targeting

Touchpoint management

Helpdesk management With Phone calls and Offline

Public relations With E mail and Omnichannel

Training & onboarding

Product marketing

Content management

Playbook creation

Referral management

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Popular Business Setting
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Top Industries

  • Food & Beverages

Popular in

  • Large Enterprise

Peers used beckon to Scale best practices and Improve ROI

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Company Name Beckon
Company Website
Year Founded 2011
HQ Location 401 Congress Avenue, Suite 2650, Austin, TX 78701
Employees 51-100
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