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Xactly Sales Planning

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(66 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)
(66 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)

Sales planning software providing necessary tools to tune the sales strategy

About Xactly Sales Planning

Xactly Sales Planning is a software that provides the necessary tools to optimize sales planning with data intelligence and deliver an unparalleled competitive advantage. It is suited for enterprises looking to improve organizational alignment and drive productivity.

It features real-time dynamic dashboards, workflows & multi-user editing, Seamless CRM integration and leverages Artificial Intelligence. It helps to reduce time in creating sales plan and increase time in sales quota attainment.

It allows to accurately plan sales quotas leveraging AI to predict KPIs, use data-driven metrics to assess target achievability and align with corporate goals. It supports to identify the resources you need and customize hiring profiles across territories by applying historical performance. It provides the tools and insights to plan, execute and optimize sales performance management.

Reviews - Customer Testimonials

Justin Ritchie

Sr. Director, Sales Operations, Strategy

Cox Automotive

Justin Ritchie

Sr. Director, Sales Operations, Strategy

Cox Automotive

It's more than calculating's inspiring a sales force to be the best they can be. We use Xactly to inspire performance.

Neil Hudspith

President, Worldwide Field Operations


Neil Hudspith

President, Worldwide Field Operations


We use Xactly Insights to understand how other people are paying and use that data to work with HR and recruiting. We want to be more than competitive and Xactly helps us achieve that goal.

Rodahl Leong-Lyons

Vice President, Sales The Americas


Rodahl Leong-Lyons

Vice President, Sales The Americas


We have Xactly Premium [PLUS] Support ; the individuals we have supporting us are highly engaged and respond immediately. We feel like Premium [PLUS] Support is the smartest thing we have ever done.

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Shorten ramp up time and Increase sales & revenue are the most popular goals peers achieved using Xactly Sales Planning .


It is the best suited for channels.


Peers recommend forecasting, performance management, lead analytics, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using Xactly Sales Planning .

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