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About Capillary Loyalty+

Capillary Loyalty+ is a Personalized Loyalty Program Software that helps to boost repeat sales. It helps to improve brand engagement and stakeholder relations.

It assists with brand growth and also ensures the existing customers keep coming back by intelligently rewarding them for their desired behavior with an omnichannel loyalty platform.

Some of its features include retaining customers by offering real-time, omnichannel and personalized rewards, maximize repeat sales, increase online and offline repeat sales, extend loyalty programs to channel partners and influencers, and encourages them to sell more and many more.

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Drive brand advocacy and Increase average basket value are the most popular goals peers achieved using Capillary Loyalty+ .

Other goals:

  • Drive sales growth
  • Increase customer life time value
  • Enhance customer relationships
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It is the best suited for omnichannel, Offline stores, social media, channels.

Other channels:

  • point of sale
  • e-mail
  • text SMS
  • Whatsapp
  • mobile
  • WeChat
  • channel partners
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Peers recommend loyalty management, Customer Engagement, campaign management, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using Capillary Loyalty+ .

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Loyalty management With Omnichannel and Offline stores and Point of sale and Social media and E mail and Text sms

Create transaction based loyalty

Create engagement based loyalty

Track program performance

Identify target customers

Customise loyalty program

Customer engagement With Whatsapp and Wechat and Social media and E mail and Text sms and Mobile and Offline stores

Campaign management

Campaign monitoring

Campaign analytics

Partner & channel loyalty With Channel partners

Referral management With Social media

Relationship management

Community building With Social media

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Popular Business Setting
for Capillary Loyalty+

Top Industries

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Apparel & Fashion

Popular in

  • Enterprise
  • Mid Market
  • Small Business

Peers used Capillary Loyalty+ to Drive brand advocacy and Increase average basket value

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Company Name Capillary Technologies
HQ Location 25-01, OCBC Center, 65, Chulia Street, Singapore, Singapore 049513, SG