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(345 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)
(345 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)

Trivie | Transform behavior change with retained knowledge

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About Trivie

Trivie is a micro learning platform that combines brain science, adaptive learning and gamification to help employees remember training. It is suited for enterprises looking for a 100% self-service product to help employees remember training information.

It features Adaptive learning, Gamification, science-based training reinforcement, Analytics and 100% self-service. It supports personalized and automated training, Onboarding.

Trivie’s adaptive learning analyzes user proficiency and recommends personalized quizzes so as to increase knowledge retention, better concept mastery and ROI. It combines recall probability and score data, predicts when a user is starting to forget information and automatically generates personalized quizzes. It provides shorter feedback cycle, proven gamification techniques and unprecedented insights.

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Improve ROI and Enter new markets internationally or locally are the most popular goals peers achieved using Trivie .

Other goals:

  • Launch new products
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It is the best suited for mobile, channels.


Peers recommend training & onboarding, engagement management, products & pricelist management, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using Trivie .

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Training & onboarding With Mobile

Engagement management

Engaging and following up

Products & pricelist management

Knowledge management

Content management

Workflow management

Courses & assessment

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Top Industries

  • Non-Profit Organization Management
  • Retail
  • Entertainment

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  • Enterprise
  • Mid Market

Peers used Trivie to Improve ROI and Enter new markets internationally or locally

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Company Name Trivie
Company Website
HQ Location PO Box 12801, Dallas, Texas 75225, US
Employees 11-50
Financials Seed