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SmartFunnel | rack customer interactions with the fastest sales engagement platform

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About SmartFunnel

SmartFunnel is a Sales Collaboration App that helps the sales team achieve their targets through collaboration selling. It helps to increase sales and revenue.

SmartFunnel helps to track customer interactions with the fastest sales engagement platform available. Its automated reminders, next actions, and contact email chains refines the sales influence, with the Playbooks, independent progress scoring model, and click-to-advance heat maps.

SmartFunnel has faster response time with a technology platform that removes web latency delays also interaction notes are easy to create, easy to find on the heat map interface, and easy to share among the team. It provides speed and simplicity that is unmatched, as well as a more cost-effective pricing approach. It helps the customers at the deal level for more revenue, for better time usage, and accurate forecasting.

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Mal Raddalgoda

VP Sales & Marketing

Troo Corporation

Mal Raddalgoda

VP Sales & Marketing

Troo Corporation

SmartFunnel's Integrated Collaboration Selling methodology has elevated our Sales game. When we won a major client proposal against several, much larger competitors, the client advised us that Your sales approach was the only one that took the time to understand our actual needs, not to sell us you...r product. You had the most professional sales approach, and that made the difference in our selection decision. For us, the value of SmartFunnel is simple - It is a competitive advantage and a clear differentiator in complex solution selling - it is priceless!

Rick White



Rick White



We've got over 1700 contacts and I'd say the speed of SmartFunnel 2.0 is quite good. Latency is not an issue - better than others I have experienced for an on-line user experience - so keep it up!

Amanda Craven

Business Development Manager

Optimum Results Ltd

Amanda Craven

Business Development Manager

Optimum Results Ltd

SmartFunnel is very logical, it's as if someone sat in a Salesperson's seat and consciously designed a very simple system following exactly the chain of events that occur. The interface is very user friendly and the response time is immediate. I also get an email every Sunday with my to do list for... the week which is fantastic. I love the simple way that when you're sending an email to a contact, simply bcc SmartFunnel and a copy of the email is attached to the contact. I'm in Sales a very long time and this is the most simple, user friendly system I have used.

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Peers recommend forecasting, collaboration, communication management, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using SmartFunnel .

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