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iPresso Marketing Automation

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About iPresso

iPresso is an integrated marketing automation platform for pro marketers allowing them to creatively design their communications and scenarios. It helps to grow market share and improve efficiency.

iPresso guarantees the development of the system with new features, solutions, tools, integrations. iPresso AI and machine learning leverage to ensure the most accurate and reliable results with openness to the possibility of developing one’s unique solutions based on iPresso’s features.

iPresso features include outcome measurement, real-time marketing, content marketing to provide relevant information, scoring points for demographic characteristics and behaviors of customers, and many more.

is used by peers for


contact list management, campaign management, engagement management


promotions, promotions, coupons


24/7 Support, Custom Reports, Integration


Grow market share, Improve efficiency, Scale best practices


Government Administration, Information Technology and Services, Human Resources

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Top Industries

  • Government Administration
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Human Resources

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  • Enterprise
  • Small Business
  • Mid Market

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Grow market share, Improve efficiency, Scale best practices, are the most popular goals peers achieved using iPresso.


It is the best suited for promotions, promotions, coupons, channels.


iPresso does well for a wide range of processes. Peers recommend contact list management, campaign management, engagement management, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using iPresso.

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Peers used iPresso to Grow market share and Improve efficiency

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