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(649 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)

Salestrail | Customizable to your sales processes and sales activities - calls, emails, events. Everything in one app

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About Salestrail

Salestrail is an automated Salesforce activity logging designed to help sales professionals to automatically log sales activities and create new leads via mobile phone. It matches the incoming number with the contacts, leads and opportunities listed under Salesforce platform to identify the Caller-ID.

Apart from automatic call logging, the primary feature of this tool includes Email and Calendar Sync, Speech-to-Text Notes, business card scanner, and smart reminders & recommendations. One of the other feature included in the tool is insight extraction and sharing to help coach the sales reps better. It also offers customization of fields, forms, workflows, etc., to align with the existing sales processes.

The platform integrates with Salesforce® sales cloud and automatically logs all the client calls, emails and events into the Salesforce platform. The tool conducts a two-way sync with Gmail and Outlook which facilitates keeping track on meetings and follow-up tasks.

Peer and Expert Opinions
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Increase sales & revenue and Scale best practices are the most popular goals peers achieved using Salestrail .

Other goals:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve visibility
  • Acquire customers
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It is the best suited for phone calls, mobile, e-mail, channels.

Other channels:

  • mobile app
  • social media
  • offline
  • trade shows
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Peers recommend communication management, workflow management, generation of new leads, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using Salestrail .

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Communication management With Phone calls and Mobile

Tracking & monitoring communications With Phone calls and Mobile

Workflow management With E mail and Phone calls and Social media

Generation of new leads With E mail and Phone calls

Follower management With Phone calls and E mail

Sales call management With Phone calls

Call analytics With Phone calls



Social media management With Phone calls

Social media analytics With Phone calls

Engagement management With Phone calls and E mail

Engaging and following up With Phone calls and E mail

Deal management

Pipeline management

Discount management

Conversion management With Social media

Promotion management

Contact list management

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Popular Business Setting
for Salestrail

Top Industries

  • Media Production
  • Information Technology and Services

Popular in

  • Enterprise
  • Small Business

Peers used Salestrail to Increase sales & revenue and Scale best practices

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