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About Resulticks

Resulticks is a real-time conversation marketing cloud that changes the marketing solutions landscape for customer experience, acquisition of a customer, and brand loyalty. It helps businesses of all sizes target audiences and generate leads through real-time engagement with clients.

Resulticks enables marketers to prepare campaigns for various communication channels including phone, email, social media, and digital assistants based on customer behaviour, location or interest. Resulticks helps managers monitor customer actions and collect insights from every owned, earned and paid media asset such as landing pages, social ads, email alerts for planning future campaigns. Additionally, team members can trigger automated responses and prioritize client communications to nurture leads. Key features include conversion tracking, customer profiling, predictive analytics, and campaign performance management.

Resulticks offers API-based integration which lets users connect the system with third-party applications, letting them synchronize data and drive targeted campaigns. Resulticks enables real-time and dynamic responses by providing an engine that leverages machine learning for the purpose of maximizing the impact of marketing messages and sustaining continuous conversations.

is used by peers for


engagement management, engaging and following up, campaign management


social media, social media, e-mail


24/7 Support, Analytics, Custom Reports


Improve ROI, Improve efficiency, Improve brand engagement



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Improve ROI, Improve efficiency, Improve brand engagement, are the most popular goals peers achieved using Resulticks.


It is the best suited for social media, social media, e-mail, channels.


Resulticks does well for a wide range of processes. Peers recommend engagement management, engaging and following up, campaign management, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using Resulticks.

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Company Name Resulticks
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Year Founded 2014
HQ Location 201 Spear Street, Suite 1100 San Francisco, CA 94105
Employees 51-100
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