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(734 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)
(734 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)

Kitewheel - Real-time Journey Management, Customer Journey Software

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About Kitewheel

Kitewheel is a Customer Journey and Experience Software. Kitewheel Customer Journey Hub orchestrates marketing and sales technologies to provide contextual interactions throughout the touchpoints. It enables marketers to target individual customers in real-time and helps them in creating optimized customer journeys.

Kitewheel provides various features, such as personalized interactions, real-time analytics, and journey process testing. The company provides its solutions through the cloud deployment model.

With Kitewheel, the users can measure the ROI of their customer journeys in real-time and also integrate their journey results into their current reporting flow. Kitewheel’s Metrics dashboard allows journey monitoring and reporting needs with simple visualizations. Kitewheel provides a powerful processing engine that allows users to move past segments and campaigns and drive appropriate and related customer experiences. With functions that can happen in milliseconds, Kitewheel makes sure that conversations are provided at the right content, at the right cadence through the right channel.

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Peer and Expert Opinions
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Enhance customer relationships and Increase sales & revenue are the most popular goals peers achieved using Kitewheel .

Other goals:

  • Improve brand engagement
  • Improve digital and social presence
  • Improve ROI
  • Improve efficiency
  • Acquire customers
  • Build brand awareness
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It is the best suited for website, phone calls, e-mail, channels.

Other channels:

  • social media
  • mobile
  • omnichannel
  • mobile app
  • offline
  • on premises
  • promotions
  • display advertisement
  • blogs
  • user generated content
  • Amazon
  • review sites
  • Twitter
  • point of sale
  • mass media
  • television
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Peers recommend engagement management, helpdesk management, sales document management, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using Kitewheel .

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Engagement management With Website and Social media

"...Actionable social insights Consumers are engaged at an individual level to drive long-term advocacy. ..."
Customer Journey Map Example, Coca Cola

engaging and following up

Helpdesk management With Phone calls and E mail and Mobile and Website

"...Major airline guides the customer journey with real-time, dynamic email and call center communications...."
Personalized Consumer Journeys, Easyjet Case Study

Sales document management With Website

"...For consumers coming directly to Allianz s website to request a quote, batch processes again proved to be inadequate...."
Multi Channel Marketing System

proposal & quote management

digital signature

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Peers used Kitewheel to Enhance customer relationships and Increase sales & revenue

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HQ Location Boston, MA
Employees 11-50
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