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(74 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)
(74 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)

FMTC | Gives the world’s largest, freshest, and most accurate deal database.

About FMTC

FMTC offers powerful tools for affiliate marketers and bloggers to monetize their websites. It is helpful for eCommerce merchants, online publishers, and affiliate networks, making it easier to earn more.

FMTC simplifies publishing business by giving freshest, and most accurate deal databases. It automates coupon pages with affiliate offers and products. FMTC gives a single deal and product stream that aggregates monetized links from 24 affiliate networks.

FMTC’s deal feed is error-checked and cleaned by data engineers. FMTC gets deals and products out of the network and into partners’ hands, continuously. Premium subscribers can add a coupon, sale, free shipping offer, or free gift with purchase offer. It shares up to 10 alerts each month on the FMTC dashboard, in direct emails to clients, and on social feeds. FMTC tools include Publisher Discovery, Trackonomics Reporting, Auto-Processing.

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Enhance customer relationships and are the most popular goals peers achieved using FMTC .


It is the best suited for website, promotions, coupons, channels.

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Peers recommend communication management, content management, referral management, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using FMTC .

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Communication management

"...This tool will give you access to find out information on over 13,000 merchants, find offers those merchants have published,..."
FMTC Affiliate Datafeed and Tools

sending & publishing communications

Content management

"...We offer free and premium subscription levels with tools to manage your content, create a profile, recruit publishers, and more. ..."
FMTC Affiliate Datafeed and Tools

content curation

Referral management With Website

"...If you are managing or facilitating affiliate programs, we want to work with you...."
FMTC Affiliate Datafeed and Tools

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