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(94 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)

CommissionCalc: saves time, eliminates errors....

About CommissionCalc

CommissionCalc is an incentive and compensation management tool that compute the commissions and rebates automatically, slash time, eliminate errors, and supercharge salesperson motivation.

CommissionCalc eliminates the daunting task of computing and adjusting commissions manually even for unique and complex plans. It saves time and ensures accuracy, thereby increasing efficiency and improving sales force morale while preventing costly overpayments.

Its unique knowledge of commissions, and of what accounting and marketing people need to automate them, enables them to provide fast, easy and reliable solutions that save countless hours, relieve frustration, and offer unparalleled accuracy.

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Company Name Flaum Technologies
HQ Location 600 Twelve Oaks Center Dr., Suite 212, Wayzata, MN 55391, USA