Attendify Overview

Attendify is an event management platform offering tools to create custom event apps with features like schedules, maps, and speaker lists. It enables data integration, attendee check-in, and badge scanning for exhibitors.

Use Cases

Customers recommend Engagement Management, Communication Management, Event Management, as the business use cases that they have been most satisfied with while using Attendify.

Other use cases:

  • Content Management
  • Collaboration
  • Social Media Management
  • Trade Show Marketing
  • Lead Qualification: Technographic
  • Advertisement
  • Digital Marketing
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Business Priorities

Improve ROI and Launch New Products are the most popular business priorities that customers and associates have achieved using Attendify.

Other priorities:

  • Improve Internal Communications
  • Enhance Customer Relationships
  • Scale Best Practices
  • Acquire Customers
  • Improve Visibility
  • Improve Digital And Social Presence
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Attendify Use-Cases and Business Priorities: Customer Satisfaction Data

Attendify works with different mediums / channels such as Offline, E-Mail, Mobile, etc.

Attendify's features include Alerts: Popups & Notifications, Personalization, Feedback Surveys, etc.


"...All in all, I was blown away at how big of a hit the app was and would highly recommend Attendify's product/service to any event manager...." Peer review by Timothy Y., Internet

Attendify, Hopin, CrowdCompass, SpotMe, Webex Events, etc., all belong to a category of solutions that help Event Management. Each of them excels in different abilities. Therefore, determining the best platform for your business will depend on your specific needs and requirements.

Popular Business Setting

for Attendify

Top Industries

  • Non-Profit Organization Management
  • Computer Software
  • Events Services

Popular in

  • Small Business
  • Mid Market
  • Large Enterprise

Attendify is popular in Non-Profit Organization Management, Computer Software, and Events Services and is widely used by Small Business, Mid Market, and Large Enterprise.

Comprehensive Insights on Attendify Use Cases

How can Attendify optimize your Engagement Management Workflow?

Attendify empowers event organizers to foster attendee engagement by facilitating interaction, networking, and communication through its event app platform. This platform offers various features, such as agenda viewing, speaker information, private social networking, and feedback collection, to enhance the event experience for participants. However, the software may lack interactivity for users, limiting its potential for dynamic engagement.
"...It is very user friendly and keeps my attendees engaged!..." Peer review by Rachel M., Special Event Coordinator , Automotive

What solutions does Attendify provide for Communication Management?

Attendify offers a centralized platform for event communication, enabling event organizers to deliver agendas, updates, and notifications to attendees via a dedicated app. The platform allows for customized content and personalized experiences for both attendees and staff. While Attendify simplifies event communication management, publishing times can be a challenge.
"...Also provides a very nice social interface for tracking conference mentions or identifying contacts. ...." Peer review by Verified Reviewer, Computer Software

How does Attendify address your Event Management Challenges?

Why is Attendify the best choice for Content Management?

What benefits does Attendify offer for Collaboration?

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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What is Attendify?

Attendify is an event management platform that provides corporations, organizations, and event organizers the tools they need to create a custom event app to help them manage their events, improve attendance, boost participant engagement, and more.

Attendify offers drag-and-drop functionality that helps event organizers to create an app by selecting event features such as schedules, exhibitors, maps, speakers, sponsors, news and more. Users can add event content manually or export the data in bulk from Excel. Organizers can preview the event app in the dashboard and allow attendees to check-in directly with their mobile phones.

Attendify enables exhibitors to scan attendee badges to collect relevant information. The solution also offers open APIs enabling the platform to be integrated with other third-party applications for meeting management, registration platforms, response systems and vendor websites.

What is Attendify used for?

Attendify is a Event Management Software mainly used by its customers to Improve ROI and Launch New Products by Engagement Management, Communication Management and Event Management .

What are the top features of Attendify?

Alerts: popups & Notifications, Personalization and Feedback surveys are some of the top features of Attendify.

Who uses Attendify?

Attendify is used by Non-Profit Organization Management, Computer Software and Events Services among other industries.

What are Attendify alternatives?

Hopin, CrowdCompass, SpotMe and Webex Events are popular alternatives for Attendify.

Where is Attendify located?

Attendify is headquartered at 75 E. Santa Clara St., 6th Floor San Jose, CA 95113 USA.

Peers used Attendify for engagement management and communication management

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