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Algo - Enterprise AI and Workflow Automation platform

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Algo is a virtual business analyst, a natural language bot. Algo enables Sales enhancement, and distribution for big box retailers and in the Media & Entertainment industry enabling AI based forecasting, interactive analytics, interactive work-flow for stream-lining Operations activities and more.

Algo provides Business Intelligence, using social listening, census data and historical sales for predicting product demand, and recommendation for action. It uses real-time data and predictive analytics to adjust pricing, manufacturing and inventory processes based on product demand.

Algo provides optimization of all the processes in an enterprise using metrics, analysis techniques,machine learning models and what-if simulations. It also assists in providing the right functionality for a job-role by assisting in setting the right set of decisions and automation tools for each job. Algo provides a chat-based conversational User interface with its natural language processing engine and predictive text capabilities.

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Improve efficiency and are the most popular goals peers achieved using .


It is the best suited for offline, point of sale, social media, channels.


Peers recommend forecasting, workflow management, sales document management, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using .

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Company Name Algomus
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HQ Location 950 Stephenson Highway Troy MI 48083 US
Employees 51-100
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