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(83 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)
(83 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)

Vortini | Analytics for Sales Forecasting and Business Insight

About Vortini

Vortini is an analytics solution for sales forecasting. This business insight platform helps sales teams to increase sales , lead generation and revenue.

Vortini helps teams to get advanced predictive sales forecasting. It creates a unified forecasting process across complex and diverse organizations and gives early warning to management when a forecast begins to go off track. It helps in increasing sales effectiveness, measure campaign effectiveness and it measures win rate of sales team.

Vortini comes with machine learning and artificial intelligence when applied to historical data creates a smart suggested forecast. It comes with built in algorithms to evaluate participation in events and activities. Vortini seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and provides a consistent and scalable collaborative sales forecasting solution that eliminates spreadsheets and takes the pain out of the forecasting process.


Cuspera curates public sources on the Interest such as peer reviews, customer case studies and testimonials and expert blogs along with software vendor provided installation data to help you assess how well Vortini solves your Sales Analytics needs.

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Increase sales & revenue and Improve efficiency are the most popular goals peers achieved using Vortini .

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Peers recommend forecasting, lead analytics, merger and acquisition, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using Vortini .

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"...Vortini adds a layer of forecasting intelligence to Salesforce in a way that is natural for reps and execs alike...."
Peer review from Vortini

Lead analytics

"...Forecast export with custom layouts Support for custom Salesforce data objects Support for custom metrics Integration with other sources of data Real-time sales analysis Multi-period sales forecasting Progress chart Sales pipeline Ticker Custom analytics...."
Peer review

Merger and acquisition

"...That s the reality for many Global 500 firms who as a result are in a constant state of mergers and acquisitions. ..."
Vortini: Analytics for Sales Forecasting and Business Insight

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