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MX Sales Coach

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(61 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)
(61 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)

Customized microlearning solution to identify individual skill competency to provide required knowledge

About MX Sales Coach

MX Sales Coach is a microlearning platform that helps identify individual skill competency to provide required knowledge thereby enhancing sales revenue. It is suited for sales managers of any enterprise to quickly gain insight into individual and team member competency, development needs to coach efficiently and effectively.

It features customized micro-learning modules, assessment of salesforce competency gaps, create tailored development plans and provides a solution for the transformation of knowledge.

MX Sales Coach helps to identify development opportunities and drive the creation of a personalized development plan. It provides individual custom-tailored reports, track ROI on sales and improved skill proficiency, diagnostic tools for current talent deficiencies, support to accelerate talent development and positively impact sales.


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Increase sales & revenue and Improve ROI are the most popular goals peers achieved using MX Sales Coach .

Other goals:

  • Improve efficiency
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It is the best suited for mobile, mobile app, user generated content, channels.

Other channels:

  • blogs
  • phone calls
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Peers recommend coaching, training & onboarding, account management, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using MX Sales Coach .

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Coaching With Mobile

Training & onboarding

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HQ Location 9045 Poplar Avenue, Suite 5 #206, Memphis, TN 38139, US
Employees 11-50