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Intelisale: B2B Omni-Channel Sales Solution for Wholesale Trade and ...

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About Intelisale platform

Intelisale platform is an AI-Powered B2B omnichannel sales platform designed for sales professionals to help boost productivity of teams and enhance sales.

The primary features of this tool includes cross-platform ordering, intelligent route planning, call management, and Ecommerce for B2B & B2C. The software also offers advanced Business Intelliegnce (BI) and reporting functionality with platform agnostic data export capability.

The software leverages customer touchpoints data across all the channels to draw insights around customer’s demand and thus helps in sales improvement.

Intelisale platform
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create learning path, courses & assessment, account management


phone calls, phone calls, mobile


24/7 Support, Custom Reports, Analytics


Increase sales & revenue, Scale best practices, Improve efficiency


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Increase sales & revenue, Scale best practices, Improve efficiency, are the most popular goals peers achieved using Intelisale platform.


It is the best suited for phone calls, phone calls, mobile, channels.


Intelisale platform does well for a wide range of processes. Peers recommend create learning path, courses & assessment, account management, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using Intelisale platform.

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Peers used Intelisale platform to Increase sales & revenue and Scale best practices

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