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(170 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)
(170 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)

FreeWheel - Unifying linear and digital TV

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About FreeWheel

FreeWheel is an Advertiser Campaign Management Software. FreeWheel combines the targeting and measurement of digital with the scale and quality of linear TV. It helps businesses to reach the right audience with video advertising that is brand-safe, premium and customizable.

FreeWheel’s Strata Platform automates and simplifies the entire planning, buying and billing process while maximizing, control and campaign effectiveness. It gives users content the edge. FreeWheel re-unify their audience across screens, takes data to the next level, and simplifies transactions throughout the industry.

FreeWheel’s open API allows users to build their own buying ecosystem by connecting with the supply, data, financial, and technology providers of their choice. It offers a robust premium inventory marketplace right at their fingertips, delivering ad opportunities across linear TV and digital video inventory to extend audience reach.

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Peer and Expert Opinions
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Enter new markets internationally or locally and Grow market share are the most popular goals peers achieved using FreeWheel .

Other goals:

  • Scale best practices
  • Build brand awareness
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It is the best suited for video, mass media, television, channels.

Other channels:

  • mobile
  • games
  • phone calls
  • mobile app
  • user generated content
  • blogs
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Peers recommend advertisement, communication management, campaign management, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using FreeWheel .

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Advertisement With Mass media and Television and Video

"...We are excited to release this paper to the industry as Blockgraph continues to forge a new path for TV advertisers...."
Building the Future of Data-Driven TV: The Quest to Create a Safe Identity Layer for the Industry

Communication management With Video and Games

"...CTV is evolving rapidly, and naturally publishers of all types of video content want to get in on the game...."
Must CTV: Complete Your Advertising Strategy with Connected TV

sending & publishing communications

Campaign management

"...They need the ability to access CTV inventory across all platforms, as well as to manage, optimize, and report on campaigns in real time, without requiring additional resources. ..."
Must CTV: Complete Your Advertising Strategy with Connected TV

campaign analytics

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Our AI advisor, Wyz, harnessed 170 insights from peers and experts to help you assess how these FreeWheel use cases fit your Video Advertising needs.

Peers used FreeWheel to Enter new markets internationally or locally and Grow market share

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Company Name Comcast
HQ Location Philadelphia, PA
Employees 10001+
Financials IPO