Booking Ninjas Overview

Booking-Ninjas offers a cloud-based PMS for managing daily operations of properties like hotels and student housing. It is the only PMS recognized by Salesforce.

Use Cases

Customers recommend Engagement Management, Channel Management, Touchpoint Management, as the business use cases that they have been most satisfied with while using Booking Ninjas.

Other use cases:

  • Lead Analytics
  • Relationship Management
  • Lifetime Value Management
  • Lead Qualification: Behavioural
  • Sending & Publishing Communications
  • Event Management
  • Campaign Management
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Business Priorities

Enhance Customer Relationships and Scale Best Practices are the most popular business priorities that customers and associates have achieved using Booking Ninjas.

Other priorities:

  • Improve Digital And Social Presence
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Booking Ninjas Use-Cases and Business Priorities: Customer Satisfaction Data

Booking Ninjas's features include Ticketing.


"...Client Relationship Management (CRM)..." Peer review from Booking Ninjas

Booking Ninjas, belong to a category of solutions that help CRM. Each of them excels in different abilities. Therefore, determining the best platform for your business will depend on your specific needs and requirements.

Popular Business Setting

for Booking Ninjas

Top Industries

  • Real Estate

Popular in

  • Small Business

Booking Ninjas is popular in Real Estate, and is widely used by Small Business,

Comprehensive Insights on Booking Ninjas Use Cases

How efficiently Does Booking Ninjas manage your Engagement Management?

Booking Ninjas streamlines client engagement through automated follow-ups and improved data analysis. The platform enhances customer interactions through personalized communication and a user-friendly mobile interface. It simplifies daily tasks and streamlines workflow to improve operational speed and customer experience.
"...In order to appeal to this vast group of travelers, property managers need an exceptional mobile interface to interact with their customer base...." Tour of the Online Property Management System - Hotel PMS

How does Booking Ninjas address your Channel Management Challenges?

Booking Ninjas offers a channel management tool. This tool automates tasks. This frees up time for strategic work.
"...An all-in-one channel manager helps take the mundane repetition off your hands, freeing time for you to concern yourself with more reasonable growth strategies for the future. ..." Third-Party PMS Integrations - PMS Computer System

Why is Booking Ninjas the best choice for Touchpoint Management?

Why is Booking Ninjas the best choice for Relationship Management?

11+ more Business Use Cases

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Peers used Booking Ninjas for engagement management and channel management

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