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(157 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions)

AdPlayer.Pro | provide advanced video advertising to address a series of industry challenges and improve the current video advertising landscape

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About AdPlayer.Pro

AdPlayer.Pro is a global provider of advanced video advertising solutions, specifically developed to address a series of industry challenges and dramatically improve the current video advertising landscape. It helps to increase sales and revenue and improve ROI.

AdPlayer.Pro generate an additional source of outstream video inventory, to earn additional ad revenue out of the editorial content. Its outstream enterprise solutions ensure fast and flawless video ad integration and maximum results for their supply and demand partners. It also outstream video ad marketplace and expand the audience to reach beyond the standard in-stream placements with highly-viewable outstream video ads.

Its features include unlock incremental ad revenue source for the editorial content, improve the advertising experience by opting for non-intrusive outstream video ad formats, maximize audience reach of the video ad campaigns across all devices, ensure the smooth onboarding, ongoing implementation and setup and many more.

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