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Feedback Management Software 2021: Buyers Guide

Learn what is Feedback Management, how it works and how to choose the right Feedback Management software

Last updated: Feb 23, 2021

What is Feedback Management Software?

Customer Feedback Management is a structured process of collecting feedback from customers, analyzing, and taking action on the feedback by incorporating appropriate changes to the product or services or operational processes. This is expected to result in the improvement of overall customer satisfaction.

Customer feedback management involves dealing with different types of feedback like complaints, opinions, bugs, feature requests, and overall experiential feedback. The feedback can be collected through various channels such as emails, surveys, social media, live chat. Feedback Management software comprises a set of tools that help to manage customer feedback to collect different types of feedback over different types of channels.

Enterprise Feedback Management involves centralized management of organizational processes to collect and manage feedback. The feedback is not only from customers but would also include market research, employees, vendors, partners, and other key stakeholders.

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