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Business teams are constantly looking for the right software that solves their business needs. Cuspera, powered by AI and insights from other buyers, helps them discover the right software that is uniquely capable of solving their specific needs.

Showcase uniqueness of your software to be discovered by business teams.


As of today, Cuspera has helped 500K+ business teams in their software discovery journey.
Partner with us to showcase your unique software to them.

Amplify your digital presence with social proof

  • Get an AI-generated 360o software profile page curated from reviews, expert blogs and your customer stories.

  • Get your software showcased on our category specific Buyer's Guides.

  • Be visible in the searches by business visitors.

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100K+ business needs are specified by business teams who are looking for the right software every month. Help our AI engine recommend your software to the right buyers, whose needs your software can uniquely fulfill.

Our AI engine recommends software to buyers based on customer proof points. Submit your industry specific use-cases via case studies and testimonials to Cuspera to enrich your customer proof points.


You can control who can see this data

Enable your website visitors to research your unique software

Cuspera AI advisor plugs into your website to engage your visitors with social proof. It is a powerful research tool for your buyers and helps them research and understand the uniqueness of your software. The visitor interaction with our advisor can help you understand their intent and identify prospects early.

  • Let the power of insights from your customers and experts help engage your visitors, saving hours of web research.

    50% Reduction in bounce rates

  • Prioritize buyer and their specific interest using intelligent conversations

    Convert 2X more ICP leads

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