Atemis Administration Cloud Overview

Atemis-administration-cloud offers a comprehensive suite of 537 applications across seven branches, including CRM, Marketing, and Finance. This solution leverages AI for efficient business management.

Use Cases

Customers recommend Workflow Management, Competitive Intelligence, Contract Management, as the business use cases that they have been most satisfied with while using Atemis Administration Cloud.

Other use cases:

  • Products & Pricelist Management
  • Public Relations
  • Knowledge Management
  • Helpdesk Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Campaign Management
  • Promotion Management
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Business Priorities

Improve ROI and Improve Internal Communications are the most popular business priorities that customers and associates have achieved using Atemis Administration Cloud.

Atemis Administration Cloud Use-Cases and Business Priorities: Customer Satisfaction Data

Atemis Administration Cloud works with different mediums / channels such as E-Mail, Promotions, and Phone Calls,

Comprehensive Insights on Atemis Administration Cloud Use Cases

How efficiently Does Atemis Administration Cloud manage your Workflow Management?

The system manages workflows for various processes. It includes functionalities for customer relationship management, property management, contract management, and communication. It offers tools for performance tracking, knowledge sharing, support, and quality control.
"...View From the CRM, to the management of buildings + apartments, contracts' workflows, emailings, all is included for promoters, developers or real estate agencies...." AtemisCloud Business Cloud & AI: Administration

What benefits does Atemis Administration Cloud offer for Competitive Intelligence?

The administration cloud offers modules for customer service, sales, marketing, and business intelligence. The modules enable customer self-service, order management, lead management, sales force management, and marketing automation. The platform provides a comprehensive view of the front and back office operations through its CRM, product management, and promotion management modules.
"...The modules include: Customer self-services, Questionnaires, Orders & invoices, Business intelligence, Leads management, Calls campaign, XRM, Quotations & contracts, Work schedule, CTI, Sales force management. ..." AtemisCloud Business Cloud & AI: Administration

What solutions does Atemis Administration Cloud provide for Contract Management?

How can Atemis Administration Cloud optimize your Products & Pricelist Management Workflow?

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Peers used Atemis Administration Cloud for workflow management and competitive intelligence

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