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(165 Reviews, Testimonials & Expert Opinions) | Personalization Platform for Unique Customer

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About is an AI-powered personalization platform that helps to bridge the gap between enterprises, merchants and their customers’ tastes. It delivers personalized experiences, increases customer spends, boosts revenue.

It helps the enterprises to create personally relevant experiences for their customers with the capabilities to deliver end-to-end personalization from enrichment to engagement. It also helps enterprises to unearth a customer’s tastes and identify the right merchant and engage with meaningful campaigns guaranteed to drive impact.

Some of its features are search and identify customer tastes, and predict revenues, create new revenue opportunities with the offer management system, curate and deliver campaigns on any channel, personalized to the tastes of each customer and prioritize campaigns and rank them by impact to maximize portfolio spends.

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Enhance customer relationships and are the most popular goals peers achieved using .


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Peers recommend engagement management, training & onboarding, offer management, as the business processes that they have been most satisfied while using .

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Engagement management

"...For digital and campaign teams: Engage Studio creates millions of personal Spaces, lifestyle experiences / storefronts that are personalized for the audience...."
Peer review

engaging and following up

Training & onboarding

"...The vendor says has proven impact at scale, and reports the following achievements: Onboarded over $21Bn..."
Peer review

Offer management

"...Optimize your portfolio and manage offers...."
Personalization Platform: Deliver end-to-end Personalization in Real-time

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HQ Location 18 Cross Street, China Square Central #02-101, Singapore 048423
Employees 101-250