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Compare Episerver Digital Experience Platform vs Altis DXP

Comparison Summary

For Episerver Digital Experience Platform vs Altis DXP comparison, Our AI algorithm looked at 380 peer reviews, testimonials and expert opinions across 50+ sources to understand how successful they were in using Episerver Digital Experience Platform and Altis DXP to solve their respective business needs.

logo Episerver Digital Experience Platform

Focus area

  • advertisement
  • Engagement Management with Website

Episerver Digital Experience Platform is better than Altis DXP for

logo Altis DXP

Focus area

  • engagement management
  • Content Management with Website

Altis DXP is better than Episerver Digital Experience Platform for


A Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform (DXP) delivering advanced capabilities for content management, digital commerce, and personalization

Altis: WordPress Digital Experience Platform for Enterprise..





Business Need

Total Processes
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Total Goals
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Top Processes

Evidences indicate better relative satisfaction

engagement management

engaging and following up

content management

searching for content

communication management

sending & publishing communications

generation of new leads

segmentation and targeting

customer feedback management

measuring customer satisfaction

campaign management

international marketing

sales document management

contract management

workflow management

business development

personalized marketing

promotion management

community building

products & pricelist management

training & onboarding

loyalty management

customise loyalty program

lead qualification

lead qualification: behavioural

social media analytics

social media management

social media analytics

Top Goals

Goals Achieved

  • Acquire customers

  • Enter new markets internationally or locally

  • Enhance customer relationships

  • Build brand awareness

  • Improve brand engagement

  • Improve digital and social presence

  • Establish thought leadership

  • Improve internal communications

  • Launch new products

  • Increase sales & revenue

  • Improve ROI

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  • Acquire customers

Top Channels

Channels Used

  • website

  • user generated content

  • blogs

  • social media

  • promotions

  • mobile

  • mobile app

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  • website

  • user generated content

  • blogs

  • social media

  • promotions

  • mobile

  • mobile app

  • See 4 more

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